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New Protocols for your safety!

Updated: May 25 2020

To my dear valued customers, there has been some changes made to how I will be providing services from now and into the future, due to the ever evolving COVID pandemic. This by way is for you, other clients and myself's care & protection in the spread of Covid-19. This will be the NEW way of doing business until this unfortunate pandemic can be resolved. 


Here are some guidelines as to what you can expect.


Please arrive on time and solo. Arriving on time is imperative, since we have to cleanse all surface area and rooms before and after each new client which is a bit time constraining and as our other customers must wait outside before entering, some are not fortunate to have vehicles to wait in. We can not guarantee the best service for those that do arrive late. When you arrive, please do not arrive too early, as each client will have to wait until approval to enter premises and the room is clear of others. When the last client leaves, you will be texted by way of your phone in order to come into the premises. 


Under the BC Medical authority, masks are no longer mandated. You have the option of wearing one. I will continue to be wearing one during your entire service. 


Upon arriving, please wash your hands immediately and before we begin.


If you are feeling ill in anyway, we would appreciate that you please cancel your appointment ASAP.


As in the past, we will continue to sterilize all touchable surfaces; including bathroom toilets, sinks, door knobs, lights & lamps, etc. As implemented before COVID, we are continuing efforts to sterilize all lash implements with hospital grade disinfectants & our tools/accessories, washing of hands, hand sanitizer, removal of bed linens between each client and continual wearing of face covers/masks.


You must solely declare that you have been in the country within the last 2 weeks, and have not been around anyone that has tested positive for COVID for less than 2 weeks, nor have you tested positive yourself. 


We will keep you posted of any changes and additional protocols from the BC Health Organization.


Much love!

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