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What are Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions are single synthetic fibers that mimic the natural lashand come in a variety of shapes, sizes and curls. They are applied to each individual natural eyelash one by one, giving a full and natural look. 


How long will it take to apply lash extensions?

Lash extensions take anywhere from 1 to 1.5 hours for full application, depending on how dramatic you want your lashes to be. 


What can I expect during my appointment? 

Your appointment will start with a consultation to go over the lengths and styles of lash extensions you may want for yourself. During your

appointment expect to be laying down comfortably with your eyes closed. The appointment is very relaxing and for most clients they can fall asleep. There will be some cleansing of the lashes and application of eye pads to the area to keep the lashes dry. As you drift off into relaxation, the lashes will be applied one by one. There is no pain, or uncomfortability during this time and if any, you may feel only a slight gentle touch by your technician. 


Who would get lash extensions?

Most women will want to wear lash extensions just for the everyday look. As we get older our lashes tend to become sparse and shorter. For women that don't wear alot of makeup or don't want the fuss of having to get dolled up everyday, this is there preference for a low maintenance esthetic enhancement to their eyes. Women going on vacations or to special events like weddings and graduations, will want to enhance their eyes with lash extensions, but for the most part women are wearing these everyday to bring out that beautiful eye and this is exactly what lash extensions do.


What will my new lash extensions look like?

When applied correctly with our experienced lash extensionist you will find that they will look naturally fuller, longer, and thicker, as if you have mascara on them but without the clumpiness. Each lash will have a synthetic lash attached to them where there will be no visible difference between the articifial and natural lash. They blend in together as one!


How often do I need a fill?

Fills can range anywhere from 2-4 weeks, all depending on how you take care of them and how natural or full you want them. 


How do I take care of them?

For the first 48 hours, after your extensions are placed, you do want to avoid getting them wet or soaked. Avoid steam rooms, showers, hot yoga, workouts & hot tubs, or wetting them down with tears or makeup cleansers. After the 48 hrs, you can do anything you like. 


There is no need to use mascara at all during the course of your wear with lash extensions. 


You will be supplied with a dry mascara wand to comb them each day. This is something you can do each morning and only takes 5 seconds. After your shower, you can comb the lashes down to fan them out. This will help to prevent them from clumping. 


During your lash extension wear, use oil-free makeup removers to remove eye makeup. Do not play or pull on your natural lashes, for this could damage them, making them break of fall out.


For the best care of your natural lash and lash extensions is to use eyelash conditioners and growth serums that help with moisturizing and aiding in natural growth process of your natural lashes. 


Do Lash Extensions hurt?

Absolutely not! For most clients, you will find this to be a very relaxing service and most often drift off to sleep while they are being applied. This is absolutely pain free and if anything a great way to relax during a strenuos day.


How long do they last?

For most, lashes can last anywhere from 3-6 weeks depending on the clients aftercare. If you are a heavy makeup wearer, you might find that removing your makeup each day could cause weakness to the bonding agent, making the refill appointment sooner than an non wearer. Also, if you are maintaining them with on time refill appointments, like every 3-4 weeks, you will find that your lashes will stay fuller for longer periods, than someone who fills them in every 6 weeks. Each lash naturally sheds itself, just like our skin and head hair. So a artifical lash that is attached to a natural one, will shed on its own time. 


Can I wear makeup with them?

You can wear makeup with them, except for the use of mascara. Mascara is not needed. Make sure to use a oil free makeup remover and if possible oil free makeup will also help to extend your fills between each appointment and not cause weakness to the bond. 


Can I apply mascara to them?

You will find that you dont need to. 


What if I dont want them, how do i remove them?

For most clients, they love love their new lashes. But if you are wanting to take a break or wanting to remove them at anytime, we suggest that you book a removal with our lash extensionist. We have the supplies to remove them without causing harm or damage to your natural lashes. We do not ever suggest pulling them off. 


Do I need to take breaks from my Lash Extensions?

Its not necessary to take breaks. Your lashes don't breathe, and its ups to your natural lash cycle that will determine your fills. Otherwise you can consistently wear them all year long, just like us. We wear them all the time!


Will these destroy my natural eyelashes?

No. Your natural lash is not destroyed. It will shed naturally with your hair cycle, taking with it the artificial lash. 


Can I curl my new lashes with a eyelash curler?

Its not necessary to curl them. Once you have the lash extensions on, you will see an immediate visible result of a natural curl. Lash curlers are not recommended because they could cause damage to the artificial lash.

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