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Is a Lash Lift the Right Choice for You

Who would ever guessed that the result of quarantining at home with Covid would leave us ladies all feeling a bit blah……and lash less. So with this new transition in a new world of things, many ladies have been running to their lash artists in hopes of pursuing a natural remedy for their straight lashes.

But how do you know a Lash Lift is the right choice for you?

Many ladies over the last few months have come to except and love their natural look without all the glam and hype of Lash Extensions. Some of us, absolutely cannot. A few questions you may want to ask yourself is 1) How can I enhance what I naturally have? and 2) Do I want the low maintenance of a lash Lift rather than lash fills every 2 weeks? 3) Will I be satisfied without lash extensions? 4) Are lash length and thickness important?

If you answer #4 with a NO, then Lash Extensions are the route to go. Lash lifts may give the appearance the the lashes are longer than your usual, but the truth is, it is the lift that lengthens it. Lash Lifts do not thicken, nor lengthen the natural lash.

Most Lash Lift candidates are successful for those that either don’t want the maintenance of lash fills and touchups every 2 weeks or don’t want the fuss of wearing & applying makeup. Some also have had the bad experience of glue sensitivities when wearing false lashes.

Most of all, a lot of us all just want to lengthen our natural lashes, see ourselves with brighter eyes and ultimately feel glamorous afterwards.

Tip: Throw out your lash curler. Not only are lash curlers a bit dangerous but they ultimately damage your lashes in the long haul. Lash Lifts will exercise all the benefits a lash curler can do.

So whats in it for you with a lash lift?

A lash lift takes no longer than 45 minutes. A tint added onto your lift, will definitely highlight and open the eyes better, as if you already have mascara on. It is very low maintenance since the lift can last up to 6 weeks. We start by cleansing the lashes to remove all traces of oil and makeup. We then apply a silicone mold onto the closed eyelid and then curl the lashes upward and onto the mold. From there we apply a perm solution for a 5 -8 minutes and then a neutralizing solution thereafter. From this point, it is very common for ladies to desire darker lashes, so we then add on a black or navy blue tint for an extra 7-10 minutes. The thickness of your hair will determine how long we keep the solutions on for.

After this curling process happens, we begin to remove the tint and molds from the lashes with a conditioning oil, by combing out and removing excess glue and colour from the lashes.

The most care you need to take thereafter is to make sure to not apply any makeup or moisture around the eyes for 24 hours. When I say moisture, boy do I mean moisture. That means, no hot showers and no hot tubs that give off steam, no sweating at the gym, no sappy movies, no walking around in the rain. After 24 hours, your good to go to roam about and do whichever you like.

As simple as laying down with your eyes closed for this 45 minute service, you can make beautiful natural changes to your lashes. As we say, it is definitely a Lash Lift & Curl.

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