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Selfie Contest

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Send me a fun picture of yourself alone or with some friends showing off your gorgeous lashes and enter to WIN $100 in any lash or brow service. The best selfie will be determined and contest closes on March 28th 2019.

Contest rules:

- Selfie must be of good quality and decent etiquette, and should be taken in good lighting to help display a flattering picture of your lashes. Please leave out any graphics, filters or borders and send just the original picture via email or text.

- Lashes must be freshly done

- The winner takes home a $100 gift certificate that can be used towards any Lash by Design service, as displayed on the website. Gift certificate is good for 6 months.

- The winner will be determined on April 1 2019, and will be contacted by phone and email.

- Anyone from Victoria, BC Canada can enter into the contest as long as they are wearing synthetic single or volume lashes.

- All selfie pictures that are entered into the contest will be displayed on our Instagram feed, with full acknowledgement from the person(s) in the picture.

May the best selfie win!

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