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What are the benefits of Peptides in our Skin?

Over the last decade, we've been hearing about peptides in our skin care products and the impact it has on our skin for their nourishing, smoothing, repairing and hydrating benefits. But what are they and what is the science behind it?

Peptides are short chains of amino acid linked by peptide bonds that help to renew collagen and elastin fibres which are the building blocks of our skin's structure and are responsible for its firmness, texture and elasticity.

Peptides can be found in every human cell and play a roll in every body function. For the most part, our bodies are held together by collagen and elastin, and peptides are needed daily in order to properly function. Additionally, they are the building blocks of enzymes, hormones, our chemical messengers and our main energy source that fuels our bodies.

With age, we lose 1% of our remaining collagen per year after age 28.  Actually everything starts to slow down and with this in mind, Peptides help to speed things up. Because the peptides are within our body, naturally produced, you may wonder, how do you get the benefits of peptides on the outside, our skin?

To explain further, peptides work like this. Your body when injured recognizes peptides as a message, that you must heal, which in turn tells your body to produce more collagen where you need it most. So for instance with your skin, if it is aging prematurely, those peptides will signal your skin to boost its production of collagen, elastin and even hyaluronic acid, to help plump and restore the skin's lipid barrier. With peptides incorporated into moisturizing creams, serums and masks, it will trick the skin into thinking it is injured and will stimulate automatically our Collagen and Elastin production.

With our nourishing facials, we have delivered different peptides to create different results, keeping in mind that not all peptides work the same. Each peptide delivers either minerals to nourish, collagen to reproduce faster, elastin to strengthen, inhibitors to slow the breakdown, or ones that block the release of chemicals that cause expression lines and wrinkles. Visit our menu of facials that incorporate our Peptide formulas along with innovative procedures, like Microdermabrasion that helps to smooth the skin surface and facilitate new collagen formation.

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