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What is Brow Lamination?

The latest in beauty trends and mainstay, we have created a service that creates full,

feathery brows for an instant youthful effect. Similar to the power tools we use for

Lash lifts, we have all the ingredients to fluff them up and keep them firmly in place,

creating gravity-defying brows that remain upright with less effort than permanent

treatments, such as microblading. This beautiful lamination process makes it easier to

achieve a longer-lasting feathery effect as a lash-lift solution and treatement is used to

relax and lift the arches.

Why do you call it a "Instant Brow Lift"?

Because of the process we are able to manipulate the brow hairs in a direction that

creates an illusion that the brows have lifted, but in unison it is making the brow hairs

more voluptuous. 

What is the process?

The treatment itself takes a total of 45 minutes. The steps involved start with cleaning and drying of the brow area before outlining the brow and its arches with a wax pen. This helps to define the area to be treated as well as preventing the treating solutions from transferring outside this area. During this shaping time, you will be able to examine the area to make sure you are satisfied, before going onto the perm solutions. Its up to your personal preference, as to whether you want to add in some shaping by wax, trimming back the hair, or applying a colour tint to finish off the design.

Next, 2 solutions are applied; one that breaks down the hair bond in order to be easily manipulated into a complimentary direction, before a second application of cream to helps set the bonds of the hair in its new lifted state. Once this is achieved, a conditioning treatment is then coated onto the brows to moisturize them before you go on with your day ahead.


The effect should then last between six to eight weeks, depending on your hair growth cycle.

The downtime and aftercare?

After your new brows are done, it is relatively straightforward in your brow aftercare. Refrain from contact with water, including steam from showers and outdoor activities such as rain, no heat and no oil near or on them for 24 hours afterwards. After that time period, you are free to treat your brows as you would normally, remembering that all you need to do to achieve that brushed-up look is to run a spoolie or brow brush through them, and your good to go. 

Who is it suitable for?

This treatment is great for almost everybody, as it makes even sparse eyebrows look instantly thicker. By removing any coarseness from the hair, the brows are easily manipulated into your most flattering shape; a more sculpted larger brow, while covering any gaps you might have had.


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